Super Mario Bros BETA

By SR^Lavitz
Date: 09-25-2005




JEDI KNIGHT III: Jedi Acadamy Super Mario Brothers Map BETA

Title : Super Mario Bros BETA
Author : SR^Lavitz
E-Mail :
Website :

File Name : NESmarioBETA.pk3
File Size : 3,663 KB
Date Released : 09/24/05

Game Type : FFA
New Textures : YES
New Music : YES
Bot Routes : No (This will be added in the later, non BETA versions once the duel room is created))

Bugs : Warp Pipes are kind of hard to go through. but you'll get it eventually.
Breakable bricks are too sensitive.

Installation: : Put the NESmarioBETA.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Uninstall : Take the NESmarioBETA.pk3 out of your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Launch : Type /map mario in the console. (/devmap or /ammap both work as well)
Map Description / History

Well with one of my clan mates getting me into the Techno style of music, i stumbled upon a remix of the original mario song. and this inspired me to get back into mapping and do something no one to my knowledge has done before. re-created the original Super Mario Brothers game for jedi academy. So comes the Mario Map. this is the BETA version of the map as you can see and thus, it is only a sample of things to come. but included in this beta are as follows. A lobby area which is a very very rough version of what the final will look like. it is just thrown together for the sake of the BETA release. in the Lobby are 5 spawn points and a teleport which takes you to world 1-1 and lets you start playing the game. Then there is the level. 1-1 is the only included level of the BETA. it is an exact replica of the games world 1-1. the 4th pipe from the start teleports you to the bonus room which in the game would contain a bunch of coins but in this version has some health and shield packs as well as a trip mine spawn. then the pipe teles you to the end of the level like the game. the castle has a bunch of breakable bricks in it and in the future may contain a secret <.< >.> the pipe at the end teleports you back to the begining of 1-1 since 1-2 isnt included in the BETA. thats about it for now.

Also, this is one map that will be included in a future mappack, NES MapPack. the contents of the pack is yet to be determined. the only maps i can say are 100% sure to be included is this map and a tetris map.


Well i have a few comments about the map that i feel others should know. 1st, the pipes are kinda hard to get through. the ones that are vertical, get on top of them and crouch. crawl around the center of the pipe and youll get in pretty quickly. for the horizonal ones, get in front of them, then crouch and go right through. easy enough once you know how but quite difficult when you dont.

2nd, the music in the map is Happy Hardcore - Mario Theme Song (Techno Remix). i deserve no credit for making it and all of the credit goes to Happy Hardcore and their insane music remixing skills.

3rd, all the textures in this map were ripped right from the game using a rom tile editor. then they were sized to better fit jka.

finally, this is the first BETA and there is a lot more to come. i have a few ideas for things like dueling rooms, secret areas, a better lobby, and so forth. if you have any input or would like to help out with things such as modeling, skinning, or even help out with some mapping, just email me and make the topic something like "help with your mappack" so it doesnt get deleted.


Id like to thank a few people for their help with this map whether it be actually helping with the map or just inspiring me.

SR^Jack - for getting me into techno music which ultimately ended with me making this map.
SR^Jaden Korr - for giving me ideas and always helping out however he could.
SR^Incubus - for giving me ideas and being my friend in game and out.
SR^Maze - for helping me in getting the music to work on the map because i just couldnt get it to work.
SR^Phantom - for contributing greatly to this map and giving me many ideas for the future.
SR^Noodles - for giving me some great constructive critisism and always being there to help out.

Thank you to all the BETA testers during pre-release.

SR^Jaden Korr

and anyone else in the SinisteR Clan who tested it without me knowing.

Where is this map played?

I have requested that this map be included in the rotation at the SinisteR Clan Public Server ( : 29078) and if you ask an admin, they will have a vote and if everyone wants to go, then go play some mario! also, anyone who wants to add this map to your rotation may do so.

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