House of p!ng

By p!ng
Date: 09-24-2005




Version : Version 1.0
Author : {H3H} p!ng
E-Mail :
Website :
Map name: House of p!ng
File Name :
File Size : 6MB
Date Released : 9/24/05
New Textures : Yes
New Music : Yes
Bot support : Yes

This project was inspired by the beginning Himalayas level of the Batman Begins console game - though it's by no means "faithful" to it. I designed the areas in the map so that it would be playable as a "Sniper Wars" map, a gun or saber-only FFA, TFFA, and even for "saber only" duelists. At its core, it is a FFA / TFFA map with a ton of "secrets", booby traps, a couple of teleporters and numerous other interactive elements in the map which should (hopefully) make for interesting gameplay. You can do things like turn the lights off in an area and plan sneak attacks, spy on people from behind a 2-way wall, fill a room with poison gas, etc. I highly doubt that anyone will be able to find all of the hidden stuff, but hopefully that will add to the replay value. Have fun!

As always, I encourage any servers to run it if they so desire, but it will also be running on the H3H FFA / TFFA server (H3H Mini Wars, IP:


* In TFFA mode, recommended Maximum of 16 Players (8 per team)