Kampong Cham River Crossing

By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 09-16-2005




Vietnam - Kampong Cham - River Crossing Camp by Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation :-

Place the Kampongcham_JR.pk3 in your game data/base fodler

Info :-
New music : Yes
New textures : yes


This map is based in vietnam at a river crossing in kampong cham

This is ment for no force weapons only and really suits the
mercs in JA+

There is a river crossing obviously with a few bridges
as meanS to get from grass bank to grassy bank, Guard towers
outline the area with broken walls placed in area's for
cover and sniper positions. There are 2 med packs and 1
small sheild under each guard tower. There is one hidden
large sheild in the map but thats upto you to find.

This map has music but its more just a vietnam jungle
ambience which I thought did it better justice than
some upbeat war music or silly jungle music related theme.

Weapons are placed accross the map with ammo in the vacinity of each.
There is alot of cover such as tall grass to hide in and take your
aim at the enemy from within or broken walls and guard towers.

There is also a broken building with 2 entrances for cover and yes
there is alot of tree's but dont worry fps does'nt really suffer to
much as its a small close quarters map.

If you were hoping for a clear shot on your enemy well unlucky
because its a very foggy rainy area. This doesnt stop you sniping
people in the distance it just stops you seeing every one so easily
that you could hit the kill limit in a quick time and it also helps
to add mood to the fact that someone could be crouching up behind
you to take you out without you even noticing them coming your way.