Dark Jedi Academy

By soil
Date: 06-06-2005




Dark Jedi Academy - Version 1
Contact: mikealmighty727@gmail.com with any questions/information/bugs regarding the map.
Website: www.soildesigns.net.tf

This is my 3rd map released publicy and i hope you enjoy it. It's a relitively small map but you should have fun playing it.

Map Type: FFA
New Textures: Yes
New Music: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Routes: No

Copy / Extract the dark_jedi_academy.pk3 file into the gamedata\base directory of Jedi Academy
Remove the dark_jedi_academy.pk3 file from the gamedata\base folder of Jedi Academy

The level contains a room with tables and chairs next to a bar, where you can buy drinks (they spawn as health and armour packets), the seating area also has an extra room with lockable door and a camera viewing over the dueling arena. Also there is the, erlier mentioned, dueling room, an elevator going down to the area with seats at the side, for spectators, and a tunnel going round the top edge of the room. There is also a medical room which contains health packets, beds and a nice water feature. Plus there is a armory which contains just tables with weapons and ammo mounted on. Finaly there is the council room, with seats and switches to control varios things around the map.

This map took me only one week to make, but i hope you have as much fun playing it as i did making it. Also please look out for my future maps and other files, or maybe a second version of Dark Jedi Academy, too.

Additional Notes:
Council Room Co-ordinates: 2500 350 35 (Japlus)

Thanks to Save Ferris for some textures and screenshots.

By Mike/Soil


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