Jurancor Park

By Sith-J-Cull
Date: 03-29-2005





Author: S-J-Cull (James Culley)

File type: FFA MAP JKA

Version: 01

New music: Yes
New textures: Yes
New shaders: Yes

Included Custom swoops and sound effects in two separate pk3�s

Credits: Master Yoshi (Soundtrack Mix)

Website: http://www.SJCLevelDesign.com


The origins:

I started this map nearly a year ago (but it didnt take a year to make lol), but started to work on other projects,
but went back to doing the �park� every now and then.

A very good friend of mine �(GA)-Vince� spent many an hour bugging me to finish this map,
so well.. I did !.

The map contains a lot of areas that are based on or inspired by the Jurassic park movies,
you will find that most of the map is out in the open, I have included many places suitable for duels,
but this map will be great for FFA, large open spaces, jump pads, swoops, Rancors, Wampas spawnable rebels and reborns.


You will find many inside areas two including the lab, the cinema ride, and the café, and many more.

There are some NPC�s being made which I will include in the next version,
such as Raptors (that are already out but wont include until version two), a T-rex and a jeep, so watch out for those.


The map takes longer to load than most maps, but don�t worry it doesn�t take as long as Kamino!
Trust me, even though you think it may not be loading � it is! just wait a little longer than normal OK!

I had to use clip brushes on some of the rock and wall models that I used because for some reason when I compiled the map,
it complained that there were too many models and the spawnflags function that I used on the models to �auto� clip
them wouldn�t work as I had run into some kind of limit.
As I had to use clip brushes you may find that you will be able to fall out of the map,
I did my best to find any holes in my clipping so if you fall through, well SORRY !


I hope you enjoy the map, as much as I enjoyed making it!

James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)

place the pk3�s into your base folder.

If the swoops don�t spawn in the map � you may have reached your vehicle limit � so just remove some custom vehicles and try again.
Thanks to raven for a great game, thank you George Lucas for Star wars.