Philosophical Illusions Clan Map

By PI|Sebastian|HC
Date: 02-01-2005




-= Philosophical Illusions Clan Map - FFA =-
Map Creator:
PI|Sebastian|HC {

Falcon's Room by:

Jedi Academy Map Type: FFA or TFFA (Team Deathmatch)

Installation Instructions:
To install this map, simply unzip the .zip file and extract it into your base folder.

Release Notes:
This map was built as a clan map for the PI clan, it was originally a test map which I was using
to learn the gtkradiant mapping tool. It is my first effort making a map so please forgive the errors
if you find them. One thing to note is that the map requires that you have empowerment in order to
access the different hidden chambers. (Hint: Try force pushing or pulling above doors and things.)
Falcon's room was his original creation, I only tweaked things for him to help things fit and work
correctly, and added the teleporters into his room so we could get in and out of it. :P

I designed the map primarily to be a trial map for our members and ended up putting in a few extra
places like the training center, council/tourney room and a courtyard. (Yes, I know the trees aren't solid,
I had to cut back on my brushes due to the infamous MAX_MAP_PLANES issue that arose when I met
my limit.)

The only notable thing I saw when I ran through this map and tested it on the final release, was that the
door button on the medical room outside the trial area is a bit glitchy, but that's mostly because the trigger
brush isn't too awful large for that particular button. :P

There will be no updates to this map after it is released to Our official map may however
change periodicially as we are about to start putting up our member recognition plaques on the wall
in the training center.

Points of Interest (and hints to get there):

Akira's Office:
Its in the Sith Lair, you will slap yourself in the back of the HEAD, and then PULL your hair out.

Falcon's Office:
There's an invisible button located in the trial room on a statue, use it and go find the door that opened.

Sebastian's Office:
Swimming while empowered is always fun.

Jedi Master Trial room:
Force push the door near the indoor fountain.

Sith Lair:
The way is perilous but to get to it, go down to the end of the hall outside the training center and turn left and face the wall. If you jump up and tap forward, you'll land on the ledge of a walkthrough wall, edge into the next room slowly, and then try hard not to die. :P (On a sidenote: In the lava room, pay attention to detail.)

Tourney/Council room:
Makes waves indoors and then jump in and swim!

Training Center, member meeting room, Trial room, Coutyard and TFFA area:
These are all openly accessible, you shouldn't have problems finding this.