Roof Barny JA v2.0

By Wik
Date: 01-26-2005




Map Name : Roof Barny JA v2.0 (it ain't finished yet :D well it should be but i dont know bot mappin :( (and arguments X())
Authors : Wik
Clan Site Address :

OK OK Barny is a ruckus / rumble / punch up / fight

Map description : This is an old JO map that has been updated and modified for JA
{so I can infect more people with my madness ;)}
This is one of them magical floating in space buildings :D
(How come we dont suffercate :-? (coz I aint told it to :)) until you fall enough :D))
There is a landing pad (that you can't fall off (unless you jump:D)) with Hoth Guns
each of the Hoth Guns have a team 1 Red 1 Blue but in ffa they go for anyone :))
The main room has a liberal sprinkling of health n sheilds and an area where you can show
off your sabering skills (Also the Star Wars Barny Posters :D) and lifts to the roof
{yes i know the cealing is boring :( but there is a reason ;)}
Through the octagonal corridor and 3 way door the second room
{this room has been tarted up so it looks as if its sorta there for a reason}
I am pretending that them models n pipes are for power (them guns outside will need it)
at the bottom of the lift there is a little room for the masters and trainees
to have a practice in peace ;)
there are also 2 utility rooms at the sides (spawn points and weapons)
1 red 1 blue {just lights tho} Me having fun with coloured lights,
I am of the school of white is borring I-)
also there is an observation room / control room {so you can sit n watch a barny}
and a lift up to the second roof with a pit (which is gonna bingy boingy you about
(for those moments that you want to play silly buggers :))) (this has been deleted coz of gybs :( see below)
and the Turbo Laser Cannons and Ion Cannons
A reet big roof to swing your choppin sticks on :D and have a reet good barny :))
Between the to main roof tops the are some ledges so you can work your way down to
the ledge leading to the Barny Refference Room :)) with Force Boons n Kill all Rodians
And finaly the Secret Room :D {big brother is watching :))}
to get to it is a walk of faith in to a Flare (may the Barny be with you)
There are some bang bang sticks (if you like that kind of thing;))
trip mines, grenades, Det Packs and more (in procariouse places :)))
but I like swooshing sticks myself.

By the way watch out for your knees n ankles ;) crunch :))

Supports FFA, Team Duel modes.

Things to do : No bot support as yet (still in the messing about phase).

Additional Credits to : George Lucas and the team at Ravensoft for making a truly wonderful game. (Aye i'll second that :))
Mr lucas has entertained me for years n years (he got me at that impresionable age (NOOOO not like Michael
Jackson :P) i was running down the aisles of the cinema like an X-Wing {ok i needed another pair of arms :(:P)

Thanks to : Obi and Yoset (fellow -=AFL=- Clan Members) for some of their advice, the peeps at (top tutorials:D).

* Play Information *

New Sounds : Enter the Dragon Theme + Barny getting a reet good kickin :D
New Skins : NO
New Objects : NO
New Textures : YES (something old, something new, something borrowed something blue)
Dust puppy from Quake {he was in all my maps when i was learning to use radiant}
Kill all Rodians {me I dont like them buggers X(}
Star Wars posters Barny'd by me
AFL with lightning by -=AFL=- Zaphod Beeblebrox [SL]
* Construction *
Brush Count : 619 Brushes (this has changed {since i had arguments with radiant (it gybed on my machine but not on my mates :-?)
Vert Count : Unknown (been changed anyway {still dont know :))}
Entity Count : 333 Entities (nahh not now :P)
Base info : JkRadiant. (I am still learning but this is the past realy :P;))
Software used : JKRadiant 1.2.11 then upto 1.4 (a well cooked toaster oven :D)
Known Bugs : it goes mental in spectater mode :-? (it is the doors (to many and anoying) or me going mad with caulk)?
also if you have FFA_Bespin it buggers up the flares :( but FFA_CTF_Bespin its Reet :D
and the steam sometimes kicks my FPS :(( well my system aint the best in the world :( well its a cast off to be honest :))
but the floor through the secret room window dont gyb no more :D)
Build Time : Time what is time? (mappers know time disapears) :)):D;) (and since i argued it been more time X()

* How to use this map *

You should know the drill by now roofbarny.pk3 file in your base folder (then welcome to my madness!!!!! :)):)):)):))).

* Copyright / Permissions *


<Other Legal info about the use of your map>

This map is free to be distributed among anyone who wants it. Please do not exploit this map,or it's content for personal profits. Enjoy the map, JA gamers!
It's not my fault:D if this brakes anything ;) (well it broke my machine before the final bsp {im still not happy with it :((}

Just to reitterate Barny is a ruckus / rumble / punch up / fight {no one make a knuckle sandwich like my mum}
we had this before the purple dinosaure X( (if i see him i will KICK HIM IN DA NUTS :D)

p.s. forgive the spelling mistakes 1. i am on the beer 2. i was never good at spelling (to lazy at school #-o) 3. i am just too bloody lazy ;):D