Evolution Academy

By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 01-17-2005




Evolution Academy by Jenova*Rebirth*

Place the evoacad_beta.pk3 into game data/basefolder.

New texture's: yes (no conflicts with JA)
New music: No
Bot routes: Yes
Map running at server ip:
Credit goes to all the authors for models and vehicles use, the readme's for
them are included in the zip for respect of thier great work.

Bigger screenshots here ---> Http://www.hostultra.com/~uriel/evo.html


Ok First up..... This map is huge, and does take a little time to laod the
bsp part of the map loading process so dont worry about it taking a long
time lol.


Due to me being ill and in and out of hospital constantly, I have'nt had the
amount of time i'd liek to finnsih the map how I wanted it.
But I did add 2 new rooms, there in that other building in the outside area
which was locked.

Room addition 1:
This room is the left hand one, It is built for dueling but in a different
way, You enter with a duelist and run to the platform where it
then starts to slowely decend, one must beat the otehr before the aplatform
decends into the lava killing both, upon winning you must jump from one
moving platform to the otehr to get to the yellow crystal which teleports
you out.

Room Addition 2:

This room is on the right, Same as above built for dueling but differently,
In here you duel and slowley the floor
decends but nto at the same time, every so often sections will fall. After 2
minute's the floor is gone with only 3 or 4 platforms left,
If no body has won liekly hood is you both die, if someone wins they can get
on the platforms and reach the yellow crystal and exit.

Those rooms are built for a twist.

The bar now has music.

The prison now has an alarm system you may switch on which puts the whole
prison on alert, so say someone escape's you want to alert officers
to try and catch them and bring them in.

The council room as 2 wierd pillars i decided to make just to livin it up
just that little bit.

Alot of bugs have been fixed, If there are still some I apologise for
missing them.

*********The admin room is now working fully, Co-ords for getting there are
as follows

JA+ mod : Amtele angle -1500 -600 2600

From there the admins can lock of numerous area's for instance the dueling
area's, rancor spawn area, shut off rancor switch, council room, open/close
prison gate and lock down the npc spawn area's

For JA reloaded I am unsure. You will have to find it your self.

************I've also added some extra npc's I edited myself for admins to
spawn, purely for fun, there spawn name's are as follows

npc spawn


Thats all.

Its finnsihed as far as I have the energy to work on it, But its rather bug
free now and fully oporational.


We have a courtyard where you spawn in.
Npc dueling room, with regular reborn,dual reborn and staff reborn. Then
super reborns(more health) and desann and alora to train with, This room
also contains a gun range for target practice.

Then we have a dueling pads area, 2 huge dueling pads one on ground floor
and one up an elevator.

A rancor npc spawning area, which contains gun turrets.(Rancor switch is
locked by default.... See below tfor information on how to unlock)

The council room (naturally)

A bar(of course hehe)

Games area which contains a cieling maze, A strange bouncy castle resembling
well bouncy room, and a slipper slide to pa target that throws u into water.

A japanese dojo for duel practice.

A prison with loackable cages, a check point before u can enter prison with
loackable door, and 2 mounted gun turrets as guards(for role playing really)

A death sentence area containing a working electric chair(yes working)

An outdoor forest area containing an outdoor dueling pad surround by totem
poles, also this area contains a tree house and a mushroom house.

A boxing ring for melee combat(contains real boxing effect lighting, i.e
before match u ahve all lights on, then u hit a switch and lights turn off n
switch to ring only, And a working bell.)

A vehicle training area for vehicular warfare, there are ground units and 2
x-wings(hoth setting for great effect)

And finally a secret throne room.

Hope i have'nt forgotten any placebut Its hard to remember everythign lol.

This is the only academy ull ever need and its not even finnished. :)

Have Fun.