Sith-J-Cull's Falcon

By Sith-J-Cull
Date: 12-22-2004




Map name sithj_falcon_desert

Author Sith-J-Cull

Game Type FFA

Game JKA

Custom Textures Yes
Custom sounds Yes
Custom shaders Yes

Directions Place the pk3 into your base folder.

Description A slightly over scaled (for easier navigation) recreation of Han Solo's Falcon.
The Falcon is situated on a desert planet, near an installation of some kind.

My Thoughts This map is not really meant to be for an intense FFA, but rather it was a
Product of my love of the Falcon. I just wanted to be able to walk around the
craft, and wanted to try and put as much detail inside as possible. To be honest
The FPS is going to be an issue for those with slower pc's the problem is more
apparent when outside viewing the falcon in full.

At one point I was going to make this a museum of the falcon with no weapons or anything
so it could just be explored but I decided that was a stupid idea LOL

This map has been tested on a clean instal of JKA only, if you have missing texture or other problems
I can only suggest that another custom map is clashing with it, if this is the case try downloading a
pk3 manager (such as the one GansterA made for JKA) so you can temporarily move files in and out of your base folder.

Contact details

I also use msn messenger. < please do not add me to your buddy list without first sending me
an e-mail explaining who you are etc - you would be amazed at the kind of peeps that add me, and then
do everything they can to annoy me!!

I am happy to help peeps through msn but you gotta understand that I am busy a lot.

Thanks and I hope you like the maps

James Culley