Naboo Streets

By Sith-J-Cull
Date: 12-22-2004




Map name naboo_streets

Author Sith-J-Cull

Game Type FFA

Game JKA

Custom Textures Yes
Custom sounds Yes
Custom shaders Yes

Directions Place the pk3 into your base folder.

Description A large naboo city scape with many buildings and a lockable jail for a good ol ffa.

My Thoughts I really had to think hard about releasing this map at the moment, but I wanted to release as many
of the maps I have been working on as i could for my christmas release (pressy to the community LOL).

The fineshed version of this map I will cut it up into more of a street to street layout so that FPS will be
much higher for those of you with lower spec pcs. I didnt have time do that as i wanted to include this in my xmas
release. Espect to see this map in a different form (better larger but with a diferent layout) after xmas time. Think of this
as a preview (teaser) for a more 'sorted' version to come.

This map has been tested on a clean instal of JKA only, if you have missing texture or other problems
I can only suggest that another custom map is clashing with it, if this is the case try downloading a
pk3 manager (such as the one GansterA made for JKA) so you can temporarily move files in and out of your base folder.

Contact details

I also use msn messenger. < please do not add me to your buddy list without first sending me
an e-mail explaining who you are etc - you would be amazed at the kind of peeps that add me, and then
do everything they can to annoy me!!

I am happy to help peeps through msn but you gotta understand that I am busy a lot.

Thanks and I hope you like the maps

James Culley