Taspir - Frag Edition

By EniGmA
Date: 12-22-2004




Author: EniGmA (aka Apocalypse)
Email: enigma@livingdeadclan.com
Build Time: 6 hours

This is a modified version of the Taspir map made by Ravensoft. I made this map
from a sample map they put up for download so it is completely leagal. This map is
meant for gun battles. It has a few more weapon locations, so more ammo locations, and
a few more spawn points. The roofs have been finished, but parts of them still have caulk
on them. Partly because I am lazy, and partly because I wanted some of them like that.
This map has a few secrets and also you can destroy some parts of the map. So be sure
you know where you are landing before you jump ;) This map is also slightly darker
than the origonal taspir map.

All effects and shaders are made by me (EniGmA). Please give credit to me for
making them if you use them in your maps. You can modify them in any way you want,
but give me credit for the origonal.

Thanks To Ravensoft for releasing the sample map of taspir so that people can look
at it and edit it.