Hidden's Gaming Club Hangout Map 2

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By HiddenSpy
Date: 12-12-2004




))=((GC ))=((angout

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by: **))=((iddenSpy**

))=((iddens Gaming Club Hangout Map 2

About HGC Hangout 2

Our first map was pretty good for what we used it for but I never felt that I did my best with creating that map. It was my first map on JA. After debating myself I finally enacted and made HGC Hangout 2. I tried to update the games we play on our server to the map so the map is different and up to date. I made this version bigger and better. This map was made for my members at our home server which you can find a link to at ABOUT link at our site above. I would like to thank my members for encouraging me and asking me if the map was done yet everyday(lol). On our site theres a link that says what each area on map is for. If your not in our club it might be kinda hard to identify some of the areas. Theres many secret areas so see if you can find them. If you can't find them come to my server and mabe I'll give you some hints. :-)

How to install

Put PK3 file in GameData\base folder.

Date Finished


Map Contents

Main FFA
Pong Room
Baseball Arena
Members Area - includes member fun stuff
Tourney room
Race Track


Thanks to all members of HGC that watched over server while I was working on this map and supporting me.