Force Council Headquaters (v2.0)

By Roshi
Date: 11-06-2004
Version: v2.0




Force Council Headquarters 2.0

Mapped by Roshi
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AOL IM - mcmoohee


This is a complete rebuild of my first map for Jedi Academy, "Force Council Headquarters" (FCHQ). The layout and theme of the map is much the same as the origional, however this version includes many more features than the last. Here is a brief list of the new features:

- completely reworked architecture
- security camera room (secret entrance)
- ambient sound
- enhanced balance arenas
- vis compile (unlike the last version, one room loads at a time, saving your FPS)
- sounds can no longer be heard through walls (vis compile)
- doors with soundsets (the previous version had silent doors)
- redesigned airport/council room
- 32 player slots
- bot routing
- mini TIE-Fighters/Bombers (released by Keshire)
- the mini TIEs have been tweaked so that they cannot kill other players, only other mini TIEs.
- their mass has been reduced to 0, so that they cannot bludgeon other players, and do not take impact damage (walls).
- please note that these mini TIEs are CUSTOM VEHICLES. If you get the ".veh extensions too large" error, your vehicle cap limit has been reached. This means you have too many custom vehicles in your base folder. You can fix this by deleting custom vehicles, or maps containing custom vehicles (DoA Flight Arena, Kotor Flight School, ect.) Since there are only 2 custom vehicles in this map, you need only delete 2 of your existing custom vehicles (or one map containing custom vehicles), if your vehicle cap limit has been reached.

Supported gametypes: FFA, TFFA