OLTS Headquarters

By OLTS/// Lord Dubos ****
Date: 11-05-2004




Jedi Academy Map

Title : OLTS Headquarters
Author : OLTS/// Lord Dubos ****
E-Mail : dduubbooss@wanadoo.es
OLTS web: www.oltszone.net
My Spanish mappers community: www.jkspamaps.tk
File Name : olts_hq.pk3

Bot route: yes
New textures: just some with the OLTS tag
New models: yes, a Maul statue by Lord Vili
New sounds: yes
New music: no
Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, duel, powerduel
File size: 6MB


I want to thank some people for helping me:
-Lord Shuul: for giving me ideas and doing some textures/sounds and also for encouraging me
to end the map as soon as possible.
-Lord Vili: for doing the Maul/OLTS Male statue that is placed in the garden.
-Lord Hawk: for buying me the bar (lol).
-Imobilis: for helping me with the shader.
-Lord Tracker and Executor: for teaching me how to map and helping me.

General Info

OLTS Headquarters is a FFA map, but it also supports TFFA, duel and powerduel.

For the best performance in each gametype the respawns are placed in:
-FFA respawns: Distributed in the whole map.
-TFFA respawns: Placed in the crypt.
-Duel respawns: Placed in the garden.
-Powerduel: Placed in Suddendeath zone.
So if you want TFFA, you don't need to cross the map in order to fight.
And powerduel in Suddendeath zone is very amusing.

Some of the areas that you can see in the map are maps that I did for other gametypes and
you can find them at www.oltszone.net. The maps are:
-OLTS Crypt (very good for TFFA and duel, specially for TFFA clan fights)
-OLTS Suddendeath (the best for kicks FFA or powerduel)
-OLTS Saber Training (you can use this map to train padawans of your clan)
-OLTS Bloodbath (this map has been done for instagib mod)

Areas info

-The crypt, Suddendeath zone and Saber Training zone have been described before.
-Bloodbath: you can find here weapons for weapon fights.
(I recommend "/g_weaponDisable 481174")
-The garden: a place for dueling.
-The bar: a place to simply stand and chat.
-The main area: you can go everywhere from here.
-The ring: under the main area, for dueling or small FFA.
-The hangar: you can pilot a tie-fighter or duel between the boxes.
(Note: if you pilot the tie-fighter the only you must do is press the jump button
until you come up and I will do the rest)
-The space: ship fights.
-The stairs: only for go to the Council Room.
-The Council Room: well, a Council room for the Headquarters.
-Areas for dueling: you can close the door if duel insolation is not activated.


Dump the olts_hq.pk3 file into your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base

Uninstallation: Simply delete the olts_hq.pk3 file from your Jedi
Academy\Gamedata\base directory.


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trademark of Lucasarts.
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