Mercenary Battle

By Nozyspy
Date: 10-22-2004




JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy Mercenary Battle v1

Title: Mercenary Battle
Author: Nozyspy

Date Released: 23/9/04

Game Type: FFA/TFFA

Installation: Put the merc_battle.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Info: This map is set on a desert world, which has been the scene of countless battles over the centuries.
Set in a small canyon, the area has been used many times as a military base, or smugglars outpost,
due to the defensiveness of the location, with sheer cliffs rising on all sides the only way in is by air,
and in such an enclosed space anti-aircraft weaponry would have a field day. Many mercenary bands have fought over
this area, hoping to make it their base of operations. The area is littered with evidence of their battles, the remains
of crashed starships and heavy weapons platforms lie all around.

Comments: If you find any bugs with this gonna go insane, lol, caus i spent ages going through this map checking
for bugs, its been pretty well playtested though, so you shouldnt find any.

I hope.......

There is a really cool (and big) secret in this map, leave no stone (or boulder) unturned ;) and u may just find it......

Credits: I must say a big thanks to my good friend and fellow mapper Falgard for letting me adapt his
npc spawn buttons.

The rest is my own work ^^

Have Fun :D