Bespin Gas Refinery

By Nozyspy
Date: 09-13-2004




JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy Bespin Gas Refinery v1

Title: Bespin Gas Refinery
Author: Nozyspy

Date Released: 29/8/04

Game Type: FFA/TFFA

Installation: Put the bespin_refinery.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Info: This map is set high in the clouds of Bespin, it is a Gas refinery that sucks Tibanna gas into the 3 large chimney structures
from the atmosphere of Bespin, refines and processes it, then seals it into containers ready for delivery.

Comments: My first map released to the public, although i have been mapping for a looooong time, way back to the days of JK2........
I purposely made it small so i could fit more detail in. This is only a v1, so depending on the success of the map, i may consider releasing an update.
The map is designed for small ffa's or team ffa's, it also works well for an all-gun battle.

Credits: 99% My own work, only 1 or 2 things were taken and adapted from prefabs or from maps that came with the editor,
e.g the Imperial consoles, from an old prefab, and the fans (which were adapted from the ones on the rancor single player map that came with the editor)
(simply because they were too difficult to make from scratch!)

Have Fun :D