Imperial Bay

By Greatse
Date: 08-17-2004




author: Greatse
level: Imperial Docking Bay
time: a whole week

Installation Instructions:

Just install this file in your base folder for Jedi Academy.

File Info:

The imperial docking bay level is a map made for free for all fighting. I created it wanting to make a map with some ships and stuff because there aren't many levels with ships on them. I also thought it would be neat to try to make lights that went all over the walls like crazy(well, sort of).

The atst in the level actually works and is fun to shoot down other players, so try it out. Also there is a secret area somewhere that could be a good camping spot to blow out the brains of whoever spawns near it.

There are no "new" textures just some that I got from Outcast, and there is bot support.