Evolution Academy (beta)

By Jenova*Rebirth*
Date: 08-08-2004




Evolution Academy beta by Jenova*Rebirth*

Place the evoacad_beta.pk3 into game data/basefolder.

New texture's: yes (no conflicts with JA)
New music: No
Bot routes: Yes
Map running at server ip:
Credit goes to all the authors for models and vehicles use, the readme's for them are included in the zip for respect of thier great work.

Bigger screenshots here ---> Http://www.hostultra.com/~uriel/evo.html


Ok First up..... This map is huge, and does take a little time to laod the bsp part of the map loading process so dont worry about it taking a long time lol.

We have a courtyard where you spawn in.
Npc dueling room, with regular reborn,dual reborn and staff reborn. Then super reborns(more health) and desann and alora to train with, This room also contains a gun range for target practice.

Then we have a dueling pads area, 2 huge dueling pads one on ground floor and one up an elevator.

A rancor npc spawning area, which contains gun turrets.(Rancor switch is locked by default.... See below tfor information on how to unlock)

The council room (naturally)

A bar(of course hehe)

Games area which contains a cieling maze, A strange bouncy castle resembling well bouncy room, and a slipper slide to pa target that throws u into water.

A japanese dojo for duel practice.

A prison with loackable cages, a check point before u can enter prison with loackable door, and 2 mounted gun turrets as guards(for role playing really)

A death sentence area containing a working electric chair(yes working)

An outdoor forest area containing an outdoor dueling pad surround by totem poles, also this area contains a tree house and a mushroom house.

A boxing ring for melee combat(contains real boxing effect lighting, i.e before match u ahve all lights on, then u hit a switch and lights turn off n switch to ring only, And a working bell.)

A vehicle training area for vehicular warfare, there are ground units and 2 x-wings(hoth setting for great effect)

And finally a secret throne room.

Hope i have'nt forgotten any placebut Its hard to remember everythign lol.

This is the only academy ull ever need and its not even finnished. :)

Have Fun.