Matrix Reloaded FINAL

By CLU - Nathan
Date: 08-06-2004




Matrix Reloaded FINAL (v4 for any1 whos counting )

And A few bonus maps....

Mapped by NaThan
(, dont add me to MSN,I dont really use it and if I do, ill only block you ;) , feel free tho to email me regarding this map and any questions )

a JKMODS production ( )

Maps Included : Matrix_Reloaded_Final

( The above names are what should be typed in to get to that map in console )

New Textures : Yus, bad ones at that by they do the job :D

New Shaders : Yus, managed to fig out some of that code stuff w00t!

New Sounds/Music : Yus mixed on vestax PDX D3 (mark 1's) Decks, Numark 1635 Mixer, Sony MDR 700's and compressed in Cool Edit Pro 2

New Models : Yus ( well so to speak ;) Mapping is modeling is it not :P )

Map Install : Just extract the Matrix_reloaded_mp.PK3 file into yur JKA/base folder

Map Uninstall : Delete the Matrix_reloaded_mp.PK3 from yur base folder ( but why you would want to do that is beyond me )

Special Thx to the followin' : JLG Clan for there Ideas and support ( Dacs, JainaD'kana, AidenD'kana, Vindicator, AngelD'kana,Dreamless, Obi, Tiamat, Dragonslayer, Sovereign and Beck ) BambiD'kana, Blah, Sauce, Katan, BlueChixorz, ArinaD'kana, ShaakTi, Quiet Guardian, Calsa, JokerDood, Biscuit, Q, John, Jimbo,Kauyon, Aud, Nanaki, Austin (lil Killa), Scarlet ( thx for helping with MB and running V2 on a server ), *Vas*Buffy, Szcio ( for textures, ta ) , Living Dead Jedi, Sash Clan ( RIP), and lastly Jedi Adam ( for nuff support with map and general bi***in :P ). Woah, like one oscar speech, guess I should thank God too, but I dont want to so I wont ( he kept complaining about the FPS :P ) To any names I have Missed out, Im sorry :), Check our site for Phuture Releases ( )

Check out swat mods, coming soon for call of duty, featuring two levels by myself, Swat_TheRock and Swat_IranianEmbassy ( )

Dedicated to a good friendship, lost due to the selfish actions of one bhoy (thx) and my bad temper. Lairs are always exposed for the frauds they are.