Hidden's Gaming Club Map

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By HiddenSpy
Date: 07-11-2004





))=((idden's Gaming Club ))=((angout


*Installation* - Put pk3 file in your gamedir/GameData/base folder.

*Author* - **))=((iddenSpy**

*E-mail* - Titonyum1@hotmail.com

*map* - This map is for my server *))=((iddensGC* where we try to play games like invasion, Kung Fu ect. but never have the right rooms to play them in. This map is made to support the games we play and still have ffa. There are a few secrets in map that lead to other rooms. These are made semi-secret to protect from noobs ruining are games.

*Type* - FFA

*Bot support, new music, new textures* - no

*About HGC* - HGC (Hidden's Gaming Club) is a club that has fun playing games. We are not really a clan, because we require no certain skill level but do require you to follow these rules: Be a Good Gamer and Anti-Lamer. If you don't you can not join the club or play are games. In HGC we try to invent games inside of the game to make it funner. Sooner or later you seem to get tired of doing the same stuff in the game. Anyone that follows are rules may join. Even clan members if they wish to have two names (one for hgc to show that he can play with us). To show that you are in HGC you add one star on each side of your name.

*Future Updates?* - Mabe if new games invented.