Joe's Academy Lounge

By Joe Normal
Date: 06-29-2004




--=={ Joe's Academy Lounge }==--

Type: FFA

No bot support... sorry... I'm a n00b...

This is the first map I've ever made.. I'll accept any critisizms you may

The STAP vehicle was made by Duncun (give credit where credit is due).

I tried to only use textures that came with JKA so that I didn't step on
but I may have accidently used someone else's texture without knowing it
I said, I'm new to this)... if I have... let me know and I'll change it...

I made this map to run on my server, so I pretty much had about 6 to 10
people in mind while
I was making it.

What I wanted for my map was:

-- A small race track with... "spectator participation"....

-- A bar with funky lights, the ability to "serve drinks", and a view of the
dueling area.

-- The forementioned dueling area. :)

-- An area with a body of water where I could "Power-Lounge"

-- And last, but not least, a small room where I could smack around a bunch
of reborn...

Thanx to:
-Jeremy (for answering lame n00bish questions)
-Mighella (for putting down my map in all the right ways)
-Shao (for helping out a noob who couldn't hit the broadside of a
sandcrawler with a rocket launcher)

That's all i got... Enjoy the map and speak up if you know of something
I've done wrong.. :-)

--- Joe Normal...

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