Goldeneye Temple

By BongoBob
Date: 06-17-2004




Goldeneye Temple

Author:BongoBob(AKA |GG|Mateo)(

Co-Author:IG-64(Author of Stickman and Mario Bros.)

Bot Support: Yes

Type: FFA


Sounds: No

Music: Yes

Textures: Yes

Shaders: Unfortunately Yes


Hello all. I started this project about a month or two before JA came out, and everything went wrong. Leaks, bad sizing, etc, etc, so I scrapped it. Now, I decided to start it again, and got it done in a matter of days. Everything came out(to me) perfect. It's the temple MP level from goldeneye with a few modifications that made it come out more like the Perfect Dark Version. But the textures are from goldeneye(cept for the walls, but I'll fix that in a later release ¬_¬).


Just extract the goldeneye_temple.pk3 file from the zip file and put it in your gamedata/base directory. That's all there is to it!


Big thanks to IG-64. He created the textures, and found the theme song, and made the shader that made the textures show up(thank god for that), and if I forgot anything, well too bad (XP). Also thanks to Mike Windu for helping me beta test it a little bit. Also thanks to all the lovely people over at the lucasforums and map-ceter forums. And thanks to Rare, of course, for making such a great level in the first place. Thank you all.