Naboo Hills (2.0)

By Darth Zappa
Date: 06-14-2004
Version: 2.0




NABOO HILLS version 2.0

by Darth Zappa

May 6, 2004

This is a vehicle warfare map on a large open hilly area. It is good for general FFA, team FFA and CTF games, and also supports duel and powerduel games.

There is a base with vehicles, weapons and ammo in each far corner of the map. In a CTF or TFFA game, the teams will each start at one of these bases. In FFA mode players will start at the gazebo building next to the lake. use the eopie spawning station nearby to get transportation to the far bases. scattered throughout the map are stations with health, shields, ammo and other vehicles.

Although the map is somewhat symetrical, the layouts of the two bases are quite different. Some people like this sort of thing for CTF games, some hate it. CTF support was shoe-horned in at the last minute and may have some problems; your mileage may vary. Bot-routing support is also included and is of questionable quality; the bots wont drive the vehicles anyhow, so their route will stay around the gazebo area.

Naboo base - weapons, powerups, N-1 Starfighter, combat swoops

Trade fed base - weapons, powerups, hailfire, droideka, speeders

Additional vehicle types are available at the powerup stations throughout the map. Each of the orange console switches in the map spawns a vehicle of some sort. Not all vehicles perform well in water; mind the lake.

Due to the large number of vehicles in this map, you will find that you can't spawn any new ones on here unless you are running a mod that allows for more vehicles on both the client AND server sides. Don't try it, you'll just crash.

If you are missing textures on the ground, then remove the pre-release jedicouncilgc and forest sanctuary maps from your base folder, as well as any

other maps that have been converted from JK2 to JKA. There is a problem with

the way some folks are converting their older maps that causes a texture conflict. The only solution is to remove the offending maps from the your base folder.

Vehicle models by

Duncan_10158, Monsoontide and Neomars1; some are further customized. (See below for full details.)

Skybox by Whiteshdw, courtesy of Shadriss's dotf map.



Before installing any of the naboohills2 files, first remove *ALL* other vehicle pk3s and vehicle-related map pk3s from your base folder. This includes vehicles from previous versions of this map. the stap_mst_10.pk3 in particular is now redundant. Also, remove any older versions of this map.

Once you've done that, put everything in the 'put_all_this_in_base' folder into your base folder.If you dont have any other vehicles or maps with built-in custom vehicles (like KOTOR flight) in there, then everything should be fine. After that, you can take out individual vehicle pk3 files if you want to remove certain custom vehicles (they wont spawn from the buttons then.)

All the vehicles must be on the server for all the switches to function properly.

The 'read me' files for all the original vehicles are included in a separate folder.

Files Included - filename (npc vehicle) info


naboohills2.pk3 (naboohills2) map file

hailfire_droid06.pk3 (hailfire_droid) trade fed rolling rocket launcher

maulspeeder.pk3 (maulspeeder) sith bomber speeder bike, customized

ojp_vehicles_002.pk3 (stap, eopie) battledroid speeder and butt-ugly riding thing

OJP_droideka_06.pk3 (droideka) the trade fed rolling destroyer droid

gunshipVM.pk3 (gunshipx) republic clone gunship

N2.pk3 (n2) naboo N-1 starfighter, customized

sb-bikes.pk3 (swoop_bike1, swoop_bike3, swoop_bike5) heavy duty customized combat/racing swoops

Misc. Notes


- Changes From 1.2 version

- skybox from dotf (thanks shadriss)

- added droideka, gunship, more swoops, eopie; removed atst, rancor, tauntauns

- map area now twice as big (perhaps too big now), new trade fed. base position

- CTF support and bot-routing (sort of)

- larger area of view (fps suffers a bit)

- replaced tauntauns with faster eopies

- re-arranged powerup stations

- other minor tweaks and such

- Stuff That Needs Fixin'

- better looking trade federation drop ship(s)

- guns and turrets on the trade federation drop ship; possibly an additional drop ship.

- better lookin terrain and detailing in general

(use some textures from the dotf pack, different plants etc)

- siege? perhaps.

- the lake water is 'clear' when you are inside it, not blue. this is an unfortunate side-effect

of extending the visible distance. I am trying to fix this, but its rather complicated.

- Wish List (stuff i would like to add to this map, but doesn't exist yet)

- Trade federation AAT battle tank (currently under construction)

- Trade federation fighter plane thingies (ones that walk too. hey, why not.)

- Lasers on the gunship (currently under construction, or so they say)

- I can't add nearly as many trees as i would like to. I had to take quite a few out; i hit some sort of limit.

- I would like to replace the eopies with the galactic-buttock-ass-cows of naboo.

I realize this will never happen. instead perhaps...

- gungan ridable beasts, possibly with special blue bouncing ball attacks

- In a perfect world, i would like this map to have episode 1 and/or naboo-specific vehicles only.

- For lots of great movie character skins and other vehicle models go to

- darth maul, obi-wan, qui-gon, battledroid, gungan, mace windu skins and much more

- Also make sure to check out the Open Jedi Project, at



map designed and constructed by Darth Zappa (

hailfire droid, sith speeder and droideka, stap and N-1 vehicle models

by Duncan_10158 ( and Monsoontide (

republic gunship vehicle model

by NeoMarz1 (

modified by Nexus of OmNi clan (

swoop bike (swoop_bike1,swoop_bike3,swoop_bike5) vehicle files

modified by McCleod of DX clan (

eopie, droideka and stap speeder vehicle models from the open jedi project (

skybox texture by WhiteShdw (

courtesy of Shadriss from his Duel of The Fates map for JKA.

Copyright info


This add-on map for Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy was made within all legal good karma and the grace of Raven Software LTD 2003 and LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. They (Raven and/or LucasArts) don't know about it per se, but it should be ok with all concerned. They certainly own it, and all related files.

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