By <HoT>Day
Date: 05-27-2004




This is the first release of the <HoT>Disco clan map mapped by: <HoT>Day. And updates
are under way in the mean while i hope u have fun with this 1.
Also other maps by me r or questions can be asked here www.freewebs.com/jafiles.
I have also borrowed some textures from the matrix reloaded map mapped by nathan.And the VaS Party map mapped by VaS Buffy.
just unzip the HoTDisco.pk3 into ur base folder and ur ready to play.
*****known errors*****
1:if the music doesnt work unzip the map music from the .pk3 then it should work.
2:the lighting isnt workin very good but that will be fixed in later releases
3:the window is showing glitches will also be fixed
4:textures r missing *fixed
5:elevator wasnt workin *fixed

Map made by:<HoT>Day