-[ZoU]- Zone of Ultima Fortress

By El Cuko
Date: 05-20-2004




Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Modification

-[ZoU]- Zone of Ultima Fortress

Author : El Cuko
Email : geoff.melinda@att.net
Release Date: 4.14.04

Map Type: FFA, CTF, TFFA,
New Music: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Brush Count: 2430
Build Time: dunno

Apologies for file size - worked hard to make it worth the download.
Pop the .pk3 into base and your set.
There is a spawnable NPC that should be fun for you to fight,
but you will need to download the zou_ctfreborn skin for that feature.
simply hit "use" at the sign on the roof of building to spawn him.

The map works fairly well with JK2, but a Jk2 version will be released

Several secret areas in the map - some easy to find, others you
probably won't find for a while.

The pictures in the middle hallway act as a tracking device. Each photo represents a section of the
map. When a particular section is occupied, white lights will appear at the bottom of the picture.

Listen to the music of your choice - clip from "resurrection" from
Passion soundtrack, as well as
a clip of the tetris theme - you can choose your music, or just turn it
in the sound room - the entrance shouldn't be too tough to find.




Special Thanks:
-[ZoU]-Sunfire for lots of help with textures, music, and overall
direction for the map's design.
Raven and Jesterspaz
Berneyboy's "Photorealistic textures"
Zymotico for the model of Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
[Dragon]Razik for the shader on flags
SirXeed, Sick, Fierce Diety, Wiggles, and other Members of ZoU for their
Berneyboy's "Photorealistic textures" & Turbo-squid
jk2files, PCGamemods, Massassi, and Lucasfiles for adding so much to
the game.