By Orbitius
Date: 05-18-2004




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification


About two years ago, give or take a few months, a friend of mine gave me a copy of
a game called Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. I looked at it and said meh Star Wars?
Are u sure about this man? Give it a try he said multiplayer is killer. So i tossed
it a side for a few weeks, and went about my business. A few weeks i dug it out of
my desk drawer and decided to give it a try. I absolutely loved it. I started noticing
map names in the server list that I didn't have? One happened to be ffa_wov. I looked into
the matter and found a small archive of user made maps for the game. At this point i had
just realized that that was actually possible, so i checked out that ffa_wov by some guy
named Shroomduck. At the time I was like, WOW! People can actually make stuff like this
themselves? And so i began... 2 years later...give or take a few months... When i was asked
to fix up the WoV Clan map, I jumped at the chance to fix up a piece of work of Shroom's, and
even though this is a clan map, its more than that to many people.


I mean no disrespect to Shroom in anything i say in the following section. I as well as many others
haves always been extremely impressed with Shroom's work, but as i went through this map fixing things,
while they were small, there were alot of mistakes that should not have been overlooked by a "professional"
such as shroom. especially one that was paid so well... :P here's a list of what i did.

- replaced jk2 textures with ja or new custom textures
- modified lifts to work in ja
- added sound to lifts and doors and buttons
- did a huge lighting overhall
- built a new tribunal pit and added a "special" rancor
- spent alot of time improving the framerate
- added some new plants
- tweaked poorly aligned textures
- added several new secret areas
- and much much more i just cant seem to remember...

- best of all...i did it for free. what the hell was i thinking...

Contact Info:

This map was purchased by Hazeljedi, leader of the WoV clan, and i was asked by the WoV clan to
fix it up. the original author, Shroomduck, holds no rights to the map and its contents therefore
he cannot sue me for doing this without his permission. :P Even though he said he doesn't care.

they made me say that....