Rebel Fortress

By Alomatik
Date: 04-19-2004




JKA map: Rebel_Fortress

- Installation instructions: extract the rebel_fortress.pk3 file to .../GameData/base
- File info: This is basicly a ffa map with lots of features. This map has 10 different dueling arenas, 4 different ships, 2 atat, 2 tauntaun and some secrets.
- Developer name: Alomatik
- Developer email:
- a few notes: i was planning to make this map since i was in my old jk2 clan NO. i had some problems and forgot about the map until a few weeks ago. i started the map again and i had a big break until 03/2004. by that time i had lots of new ideas like 4 new duel arenas. i finally finished the map yesterday. compiled it 5 times (each one took about 50 min) to fix al the bugs. and now i know {guess[hope(prey)]} its all bug free :D. i have 1-2 problems with Ctf version. i will submit it asap. Btw i didnt add the ship boundries couse it suckes. and i couldnt made the space to fly larger couse making it would cost hours for me.