Byss Outpost

By Roshi
Date: 04-03-2004




Byss Outpost

Mapped by Roshi

AOL: nationalbisector


Byss Outpost is a multi-themed FFA/TFFA map for Jedi Academy. The main portion of the map is a Byss themed space station. This portion of the map contains bot routing. Going downstairs via elevator leads you to 4 teleporters linked to different themed arenas. The included arenas are:

Bespin duel arena
Desert rancor arena
Yavin duel arena
Hoth tauntaun joust arena

Supported gametypes: FFA, TFFA
Bot routing: yes


Note: All textures in this map are base JA. If you experience missing textures, you have either deleted textures in your base folder, or downloaded maps containing custom textures that overwrite base JA textures.