SOS Clan Map

By {SOS}Obrai Bane
Date: 01-13-2004




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BY {SOS}Obrai Bane (CO)

Background Information
First of all, this is my first map, please be gentle - 8^). More are on the way.
I'd like to give a special thanks to {SOS}Pnut (CL) for his hard work in providing an
awesome place to play for an awesome clan, as well as {SOS}Rein (CL) for this clan. Thanks
go to {SOS}Gooch for his feedback during the creation of this map. He also created the
splash screen / levelshot for this map. Thank you to all of the {SOS} Clan members for
their observations and feedback during the beta test of this map on the server, and to Pnut
for putting the map on the server for a beta test. As well, thanks to Raven, Twisted,
Roshi, Gynec, Stukatto and the other folks at for answering my questions
in the creation of this map. In addition, thanks go to Gothix, WhiteShark,Wadev1589,
$Michiel$, Nkenobi, EXiT, and many others at the Jedi Academy Gaming Mapping Forum for
answerng my questions.

This is designed as a FFA map. Gun supported. No BOT Support at this time. As long as
I've been with the JK Multiplayer (JK2 and JKA) I've noticed a few things about duels.

1) When multiple duels occur, ppl hate to run from place to place trying to find a free
place to duel. This map attempts to provide many duel pads in one room.

2) Every duel usually has a couple of spectators. This map attempts to provide clear-cut
spectation pads, that will not interfere with the duels

In addition, there are a few suprises to be found in the map. If you're not council,
don't even attempt to get into the counsel room. It will be impossible if on the server
as it requires rcon. There are other suprises as well for everyone.

Place all files in the Gamedata\Base. That's it!

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of
this map. No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from
the author. Any part of this map that bears similarities to any other map is purely
coincidental. All parts of this map are believed by the author to be public domain.