Swoop Fun

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By Gigon
Date: 01-13-2004





A Star Wars Jedi Kinght: Jedi Academy MP Level by:

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

E-Mail : jigjoc@hotmail.com
Installation instructions:

Put the swoopfun.pk3 in your Base folder

- gametype: FFA, Team, CTF, Duel, Power Duel
- Racetrack theme map
- 16 respawnable swoop
- 10 respawnable turret
- bot support

- sithspeeder_mst by Monsoontide, Duncan_10158
- speeder_bike_dun03 by Duncan_10158


Bots may act stupid, get stuck or not use swoop/turret.
Also they are not good at CTF and Team FFA: Please, do
not complain about that. This map is made to be played
by human.
Beta-testers: Kawazxr9,Neo_knight, Gigon.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Download at your own risk. You cannot hold me responsible
for any damage this causes to your computer.

Copyright (c) 2003 Eric lessard
All rights reserved.

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