Fortress of Hevil

By Mergatroid
Date: 01-09-2004




Jedi Academy Costom Map
Fortress of Hevil
Creator(s): Mergatroid, Sycety
Tester(s): Mergetroid, Sycety

FileSize: 5KB
Description: This is a basic map for JK3 that takes place in a fortress on
the planet where Jaden Korr had to disable a force
powered cloaking device. In every room of the main builing is a different
theme from three of the planets that you get to explore
in SP. The first is the Rift level, the second is Korriban and the third is
Yalara (I think??). If anyone has suggestions see the
paragraphe below. There will be an update (mainly with light).

This is our first map, we will be making improvements if anyone has any
sugestions cantact Mergatroid at
This map comes with bot support. There are no costom textures or shaders.

Special thx to:RoboFryz, WadeV1589 and GothicX for helping me through the
hard parts of compiling
Installation: extract pk3 file to the program files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi
Knight: Jedi Academy/GameData/Base file.

This map is not to be modified except by consent from BOTH the authors, this
map is not to be used as a base for any other map.And since there
are no costom textures or shaders, you won't need to be warned about using