Rancor Spaceport

By Sith-J-Cull
Date: 01-08-2004




*** by Sith-J-Cull ***

MAPNAME : rancorspaceport

Description : This map was made due to my love of tatooine as seen in the movies. I like using swoops and tauntauns as it
adds a bit of depth to a map, and although inspired by tatooine, the map isnt based on any particular set seen
in the films. Lots of places to hide and snipe and nice open spaces for a good old frag.

Installation : Extract and drop the pk3 file into your star wars jedi academy base folder!

Usage : Select from the ingame menu using the levelshot

New textures : No
New music : No
bot support : No

E - mail : feel free to e-mail me with comments - jamestculley@hotmail.com

Date Released : 13/12/03