DEX's Club

By Sith-J-Cull
Date: 01-08-2004




*** DEX's Cantine / Club ***
*** by Sith-J-Cull ***

Description : This is one of the first maps that I have created that I feel is worth posting on the net,
It didnt take a great amount of time maybe a week on and off and have not really thought too much about weapon placement,
The sky box is one I made for another map, which is based on padme's coruscant home as seen in EII. I hope you enjoy it.

Installation : Extract and drop the pk3 file into your star wars jedi academy base folder!

Usage : Select from the ingame menu using the levelshot

New textures : yes
New music : yes?!
bot support : basic

E - mail : feel free to e-mail me with comments -

Date Released : 13/12/03


Other maps that I have completed and will be posting soon:

Tatooine - Boonta eve race track CTF
Endor - Bunker CTF
Tatooine - Valley CTF
Hoth - Imperial base CTF