Glass Prison

By Mengbillar
Date: 01-04-2004




The Glass Prison
Jedi Academy map
by Mengbillar
put the .pk3 file in your GameData\base directory, kick up JA, and have fun :D

New textures: yes
New sounds: no
Bot routes: no

The idea behind the map:
Originally i wanted to do such a map with different levels, that had glass layers between them so you could see your enemies, but not shoot them.. the rest of the map the evolved around this idea.

(C) Copyright 2003 by Mengbillar all rights reserved.
You are not allowed to change anything about the map or distribute it without this file unless you ask me before. I do not take any warrenty for damage caused to you or your computer by playing this map.

If you got comments, critics or whatever, just let me know :)
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Over and out,
Mengbillar (12/15/2003)