Warzone v1.3 (v1.3)

By Apocolypse
Date: 12-11-2003
Version: v1.3




Author: Spector
Email: MDN140@msn.com
Build Time: 9 hours

A small map set on a war torn planet. There is alot of debris and smoke around the map and even a few
land mines.

Other Info:
If anyone gets bad fps in this map you can delete the smoke effect from the pk3. That will cause the map
not to play the smoke effect in most area so fps will be good.
NOTE: If you delete the effect then you will have to re-download the map on some servers even if you
already have it downloaded.

Bot Routing: yes
New Bots: yes
New Effects: yes
New Music: yes
New Prefabs: yes
New Sound: yes
Gametype: ffa