FFA Paladine

By [Paladine]Palin
Date: 11-14-2003




This is a JK:JA FFA map :D

1. Setup instruction for the ffa_paladine map.
a) download the ffa_paladine.pk3 file to a directory of your choice
b) copy it to the .../GameData/base folder where "..." stands for the root directory of your JK:JA game
for example c:/ProgramFiles/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base
c) enjoy it !!!
2. This is a map for ffa and duel purposes without any botroutes just to have something different for now :D
3. Developed by [Paladine]Palin, www.paladine.desk.pl, generalniebiski@wp.pl
4. I created the file with the meaning to have something simillar to the well known "Cloudshark" map for JK2:JO and also to provide a simple map for lightsabre challenges. This map was made in a hurry and will not be upgraded. The main concept was to have lots of space and low fps consumption.