<|FeaR|> Headquarters for JKA

By <|FeaR|> Storm
Date: 10-25-2003





<|FeaR|> Storm

Server information:
port: 27015

Comment: This is the first map of my jk2 maps I will convert to jk3:JA. I know this file
is big but I had to copy the textures from jk2 into the map because JK3:JA does
not use those textures. Hopefully this will the only map being this big.

1. How do I install?

First you need to unzip the file into an temp directory, then you should copy the Fear_<mapname>.pk3 file to the base directory in gamedata.

2. This is a clan map of the JK Clan <|FeaR|>, it has it all. I can be used for FFA,TFFA.
The map was made to give the clan space for the private duels and training activities.

3. Website developer is simular to the above information. Same as for the email address.

Basicly this map should kick ass, why did I make it and submitted it. The people who already have it say
it kicks ass, its da best. I used some of my own textures in the map but most are from radiant itself.