KOTOR Flight School

Date: 10-17-2003




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Map: "kotor_flight_school"

Making it all work: Jason Fryer (KOTORMRJay@njgolf.net )
Map: Jason Fryer ( KOTORMRJay@njgolf.net )
Models: Jason Fryer ( KOTORMRJay@njgolf.net )
Effects: Jason Fryer ( KOTORMRJay@njgolf.net ) , War_Shark_aX (war_shark@msn.com)
Weapons: War_Shark_aX (war_shark@msn.com)

Special Thanks: The entire crew of Jediknightii.net, and everybody who supported me over at
lucasforums.com Without your support this map would have died before I even
started , as well as a special thanks to War_Shark for the work done with me in effects
as well as the great job in coming up with creative new weapons for the custom ships.
Finally thanks out to Tzuriel for the beta testing and to you KOTOR_AR as well for the same.

KOTOR1 ,and all the kotors for the support and beta testing never has a more honorable man , friend
or soberest graced a star wars game.

Concepts: Built because although the game supports vehicles there is a lack of
tutorial maps or even a basic vehicle tutorials, and we all hate the fact that
you have to use cheats to bring up the vehicles ( this map is not meant for its visual appearance, its meant to learn flight on )
all the eye candy that is in here is just bonus and of course once the tools come out I am sure an update will soon follow
with better lighting ( assuming JaRadient can handle large maps better than Jk2Radient )

Additional Notes:

The kick in the pants on this is I had to write my own radient .ent files ( figure them out ) in order to
make this a possibility as well as my own bones for ships etc. So keep in mind that if it is received well I will, in time, release some more entertaining maps with ships, ATST's, etc. But depending on how it is received I may wait for raven to release the new tools.


Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base directory

* Copyright / Permissions *
This map, and all the stuff that came with it are not to be modified
in any way without the permission of it's creators.
The Star Wars ships are of course copyright Lucas Arts.