Eternal Lair of Ragnos Disciples

By Desostros
Date: 09-29-2003




Eternal lair of Ragnos¡¦ deciples.


This map was totally made by Desostros,A.K.A. KhArN,who is a part of Digital Core.DC is a mapping team that consists of myself (Deso) and Stormkiller.
DC is planning on releasing a lot more maps,so hold on to your panties,DC is on the roll.
Our homepage is ,which is still under construction due to lack of time =p .


¡§Eternal lair of Ragnos¡¦ deciples¡¨ is a large scale FFA map for JKA.The concept consists of a place where the spirits of Ragnos¡¦ deciples roam,fight and train eternally,awaiting the resurrection of their master and his army,hoping one day they will rule all again.
This map has a mystical touch to it,and is quiete challenging.I¡¦ve made this map for all the clans for JKA who do not have a clanmap,for this map is IDEAL for clanmap.
With 3 training rooms(Balance,fire and ice duel.),a meeting hall,a council which can give up to 10 people a place to sit,a large scale FFA room and 1 secret area(which will satisfy all guys who see it,the deciples get lonely too after some millennia¡K).


Well,the usual I presume.Open the ZIP file,and extract the ¡§Ragnos¡¦ lair.pk3¡¨ to your ¡§gamedata/base¡¨ folder,and everything should work as it¡¦s supposed to be.

Other info;

This PK3 file contains some new textures,but no new shaders.I have made this map first partially for jk2(already with the thought of it being a JKA map) and then converted,retextured and rescaled it as soon as I had my hands on JKA.
I hope and think you will all enjoy this map,it¡¦s worth the download.
Thanx,and watch out for more 1337 DC mapzzz.

-Deso (