Phantom Knights Training Academy (1)

By PK_Azlon
Date: 02-04-2014
Version: 1




Readme File:
==JEDI KNIGHT III: JEDI ACADEMY MAP====================================
Title : Phantom Knights Training Academy
Type : FFA
File Name :
File Size : 25 Mb
Author(s) : PK_Azlon
Date of Release : 1/27/2014
Email Address :
Homepage : None at this time

Description: Ok where to start�This map is HUGE! It is the ultimate redesign to my Jedi Outcast map �Phantom Knights HQ v2�. It is still not a typical �clan map� although I did include a the logo this time. I changed the name to suit the logic of the map�s design as a training facility. All the old favorites are there but redesigned: The generator room is a lot bigger and better, the cantina and it�s hilarious tube of death trap are back and better than ever. The research & development room is back and is more elaborate, the armory is back and of course the dueling arena and office are also back and vastly improved. No need for an alarm this time though as the office overlooks the arena. (The arena and office were heavily inspired by Reelo�s arena and office from Jedi Outcast.) The Ranged Combat room is back and has been expanded. Of course the flame trap is still there. Remember, speed and brains get the big gun folks!

New additions include a ship hangar, main lobby, medical center with �working� bacta tanks. I wanted to have them actually immerse you in liquid but after weeks of experimenting, I couldn�t get it to work right consistently. To use one just stand on the platform and hit the button to lower yourself in and get up to 100 health or you can have one of your friends lower you and 3 of your friends in via the console!

The generator room (Technically its a plasma refinery) has been expanded to include a reactor core shaft similar to the one on Naboo complete with energy gates designed to hold back dangerous power surges. Of course they have been improved over the ones on Naboo to detect people and allow them through. There are dorm rooms with item pickups, theres a swimming pool and even a shooting range! I actually found the shooting range a little addictive - once the targets start popping back up, it becomes a game of blaster whack-a-mole. The R&D room has a little demo of the cantina trap where you can kill a Jawa for your entertainment. There are also a handful of other NPCs around the map to give it some life. They won�t bother you and shouldn�t get in the way, but if they do, you can kill them.

Please note, for the main elevator leading to the Plasma Refinery, the horizontal switches open and close the doors and the vertical switches control the elevator. Due limitations in the game, the door switches had to be implemented as a failsafe. With normal use, the elevator works just fine, but in the event that some knucklehead decides to send the elevator away without being on it, it can foul up the way the doors work. the call switches on the outside of the elevator are ONLY meant to be used to call the elevator to you. However, should someone monkey with the order of operation, and you find yourself reaching your floor and the door closes on you, the door switches will set you free.

Like all my maps, there are a few secrets I will leave to you to find. Oh and some of the NPCs with talk if you press the use button in front of them (provided they are still in their original position, they do tend to get pushed around during gameplay but the sound triggers don�t move with them.)

This map is the final payoff of a design I began working on 9 years ago. Sorry it took so long, but life kept happening. In that time I got married, had kids, got divorced, and went to college for graphic design, so the map didn�t really take 9 years of work. If I had to total up the hours it took to make, I�d say it is about a month�s worth of hard work. I really hope everyone likes it.

There are a couple minor bugs that were unfixable. There is a glitch around the trap tubes that causes the sound effects to sputter while the tubes are turned off. I suspect this to be a bug in the game itself as there is nothing wrong with the map file or entity parameters to cause it. It�s not game breaking, just annoying. Also the blue-fog effect of the water in the pool may not show. this seems to be a bug in q3map2 and is a random roll of the dice on weather it happens or not during a compile, but with a 5 hour final compile time, I just had to let that one go.

Special note: for anyone who has tried my JK2 map PKHQv2, you might note that the short name for this new map file is a direct nod to it�s predecessor. During development I had been calling this Phantom Knights HQ version 3 until I came up with a more suitable name.

Other features:
Envionmental Sounds
BOT Support
Environmental NPCs
New sounds (for the npcs)


* Play Information *

Level name(s) : PKHQv3
JK version required : Jedi Academy Version 1.01

Bot-Support : YES

New Textures : YES
New Models : NO
New WAVs/MP3s : YES
New Music : NO
New Shader : YES
New Effects : NO

* Construction *

Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.6.4, Photoshop and Illustrator CS6, EffectsEd, ShaderEd2

!!!!Known Bugs : As stated above, there is an annoying sound glitch around the trap tubes in the cantina and R&D room, and there is no �blue-fog� effect underwater in the pool.

Install-Instructions : Extract PK_training.pk3 to your GameData/base/ directory
It will appear as PK Training Academy in your map list.

Deinstall-Instructions : Delete PK_training.pk3 to your GameData/base/ directory



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