Jedi Council EO (Final)

By Erstok
Date: 07-17-2013
Version: Final




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Jedi Council EO(Erstok Ontawl)
AUTHOR: Erstok Ontawl

FILENAME: Jedi Council EO.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 2 August 2012

CREDITS: Count Dubious, Griffin Claw, Shadow Stone, and Virtue for creating wonderful maps that gave me ideas for my creation.

*Shadow Stones Jedi Home maps for the level secrets and few other things
*Count Dubious for utilization of the skyboxes from ex_jedi_temple and level music, along with map secret ideas
*Griffin Claw for idea of a Jedi Council Building (this time not a recreation of his own work).
*Virtue and for making probably the best yavin themed academy/temple maps
*=Tom= for utilization of the models from jeditemple_ta

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Drop it into your gamedata/base folder.

DESCRIPTION: Been hammering out this level as of recent but this little bit of work has been in the process for a LONG while. I�m just now finishing it up. I�m sure as many can see the level itself borrows a lot of inspiration from levels but also I decided to add my own unique spin (hence why it�s my own Jedi Council building). This level besides being my own Council building is also dedicated to my fellow Jedi Knight players as well. Whether you�re in game, modding, or just sitting in IM talking about god knows what. Game is still alive and kicking and in general it�s you who still get in and play that keep this alive and going. This .pk3 comes with 4 level variations. Only major difference is skyboxes and the general weather outside of the temple. This was done purely to give people more variety with utilizing the map. Outside of different outside areas in terms of day and night and snow or foresty yavin, the core map features are all the same (secrets, locks, music, etc).

Level contains the following:
-Day and Night level variants for both skybox sets(Ex_Jedi_Temple and Yavin)
-Labels next to doors(so people don�t get lost)
-Generic Bedrooms
-Dojo with a switch to keep people out of the middle ring(not hard to find)
-Bot Room with a switch to keep people/bots out of the middle ring(not hard to find)
-5 Map Secrets
-Admin Room WITH door locks to key rooms
-4 music switches from following maps
*Yavin Trial(JK2)
*Ex Jedi Temple
*Jedi Council EO(Default Level Music)
*Jedi Council GCX
-Korriban Themed Arena AND a crystal room
-Meditation Room with light switch AND floating stars
-Council Room at top of the temple
-Admin only towers at top of the temple next to the council room
-A hanger
-Tython themed Archives
-Indoor Meditation garden
-Hoth themed Med Bay

BUGS: After lot of bug testing safe to say unlike gcx-2010, I can honestly say it�s really REALLY bug free or as bug free as anyone could get a level. Been spending last few weeks alone just testing this bad boy out and with help of some friends it�s pretty good and solid.

COMMENTS: Core basis of the level is my dedication to JK community and the good people who still play and keep a good positive mentality going. Music I utilized was due to the major map influences of not just me but I would wager other JA players, yavtrial_explore for the_academy maps and sure people can figure out the other two. Also I would like to thank the people who have tried this level out and tried helping out in some way with the map.
*[EJO]Sylvur Wolf

A dedication slab is setup at the central hub or heart on the first floor of the temple dedicated to clans I�ve come across through years in JK2/JA. Whether I like them or not is the basis of the slab, but dedicated to them for being a part of JK series/community and enjoying the game in their own way shape and form. Hope theirs still people around years to come.

Tele coordinates for admin room along with all the map secrets.
*Admin= -6, 987, -3167, x
*JO|SO Gallery= 11, 4771, -1781, x
*GTK Radiant Room= -1244, 1003, -1511, x
*JO|SO Emp. Room= 1191, 7122, -1111, x
*Sky Platform 1= 78, -3846, -4127, x
*Sky Platform 2= 1892, 8341, -3410, x
*Admin Tower 1= 967, 6452, 4280, x
*Admin Tower 2= 948, 4675, 4280, x

Shout out to JAWA for keeping strong through the years and having a good healthy community to boot. Showing people how JK is done.