DooM.pk3 (1.0)

By Kraven
Date: 12-08-2011
Version: 1.0




==JEDI KNIGHT Jedi Academy Map=================================

Title : Mars Base (DooM)
File Name : DooM.pk3
Author : Kraven
Date of Release : November 15th, 2011

* Play Information *

Level name : Mars Base
JK version required : Jedi Academy

* Construction *

Base : Jedi Academy
Editor(s) used : GTK Radiant

Bots :Yes
New music :No
New sounds :Yes
Gametypes :FFA,Team FFA

All custom sounds made/owned by Id.

Installation Notes:

Just extract the DooM.pk3 to GameDatabase.


A very large map. Build time I would say just over a year. It is highly
based on the Doom 3 game with most areas having been recreated. Not perfectly but
as good as can be expected due to it's size. It can be quite confusing to most due to
it's maze-like corridors however, it's actually quite simple. I've added many custom
sounds and music from the Doom 3 game to add to the experience. I hope you enjoy this
as much as everyone who has tested it during it's construction. I also believe RP'ers
will enjoy this map quite a bit.

Known bugs: Lifts can be a tad buggy. If you are going up and use am animations,
it can stop the lift and force it back down. Also, using ghost and having someone stand
over you will cause the same effect. The lift will reset and be usable again however.