Jedi Council GCX - 2010 (1.0)

By Erstok
Date: 07-02-2010
Version: 1.0




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE**: Jedi Council GCX - 2010
AUTHOR**: Erstok K'balc Ontawl

FILENAME**: jedicouncilgcx-2010.pk3
DATE RELEASED**: 27 June 2010
Support**: FFA(Free For All)

CREDITS**: Full credit goes to Griffinclaw for the original creation of jedicouncilgcx. As well as jedicouncilgc. In no way do I take credit for the original creation or even associate/association of myself with the {O}. I have had no dealings or ideas put into the original map creation of gcx or help in the levels original construction. All textures, music, core level design are all based off the original GCX. Again, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR ANY ORIGINAL WORK OF THE LEVEL!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Simply place this in your base Jedi Academy folder.

DESCRIPTION**: This is nothing more then a 2010 update so to speak of Jedi Council GCX. This is in no way a predicessor or future version. As I have no idea how Griffinclaw would have gone about with doing more upon the level. This is at the core just like the original level with all the areas. I simply fixed some texture bugs, updated a few spots, and changed up a few areas. Outside of that it is the same map.

-Upstairs door locks are now see able.
-Entire level has been sized down some, help with some fps issues people use to have in the entrance and some other
-Revamping to some level areas(refer to screenshots to see them)
-New sounds added to the medical area along with the outside area
-Crystal room revamped to actually have well CRYSTALS all over
-Door locks setup in the training/trial areas. All locks to the doors are behind a sealed door in the crystal room
(requires admin tele or noclip to get to it)
-Water room at the entrance is now linked up to the first hallway just like the dojo area
-Bot room can now be locked from the teacher/admin spot in the room by anyone(keep people from joing the server and
over bot spawning)
-Door lock for the council room is now in the middle pillar spot and section(yes it is a see able switch to)

BUGS**: Outside of my own testing, I have seen no other real issues with the level itself on my end. As for other players. I can't say.

COMMENTS**: Majority of the level is recreated just like the original. Most things I have put in is due to my old clan's complaints about some things on the level like door locks for rooms we used as trialing, etc.

Original level was created by Griffinclaw of {O} years ago. I view this level as probably one of the best clan maps in JA's history. Not because it is overly shadered or detailed upon level such as SJC. But the fact is is probably the most downloaded and used clan map out there next to it's original variant GC. I loved the original GCX a lot which is why I made this update. Again I do not know how Griffinclaw himself would go about doing this so I can only go of what I think. Trying to keep as close as I can to the original as possible. I simply recreated the entire map by updating it for 2010 so to speak. Again I take no credit in the original workings. I just love the map and wanted to give it some bug fixes and updates. Nothing overly to crazy beyond that. I love the map to much to do that let alone even take out all the {O} banners and custom made things from them. Full respect to Griffinclaw and his original work and I really wish he did some more work on GCX. I felt he could have made it even better then what it was. But anyway enough of my ramblings. Enjoy the level for whoever plays on it!

**I did try to find and contact Griffinclaw himself before hand but I was unable to find his current email let alone properly getting ahold of him. I mean no disrespect or insult towards Griffinclawn or {O} in this re-creation of their own clan map, which I love.**