Taris RP (0.9)

By Ki_Adi_Mundi
Date: 07-14-2009
Version: 0.9




(FFA) TARIS ROLEPLAY for Jedi Knights II: Jedi Academy
Author : Cydon Prax' (Ki_Adi_Mundi)
E-mail : titaniumsonic02@netscape.net
XFIRE : boseprax

Mapname : Taris Roleplay (console: Taris_RP)
Filename : Taris_RP.zip
Filesize : ~70 MB
Release date : 07/2009

Game types : Free-For-All

Build time : 3 months
Compile time : 12 minutes
PC Build: Nvidia 9800GTX, Vista 64bit OS, Intel Quad Core, 8GB RAM

Brushes : 7,200
Entities : 1,054

Botsupport : No
New textures: Yes
New effects : No
New models : No
New music : Yes (Kotor Theme)
New Sounds : Yes

Map Details
After creating Yalara I realized how bad the maps overall quality actually was and set out to do better, even if only slightly. The end result was a map based on the Planet of Taris from the Knights of the Old Republic Video Games; Only now it is set 4,128 years in the future during the Legacy Comics era.

The map is built for roleplay, so FFA/Seige/Duel/Etc players will likely end up moving on. You'll find weapons to spawn only where reasonable and realistic: The giant (Jedi) Temple only has pistol and e-11's in its armory since Jedi don't use concussion rifles whereas the Imperial Base armory will have everything from grenades to rocket launchers. Hopefully servers will find this map a little more interesting than Yalara was.

Finally, as with Yalara the source files are present in the .pk3 so that roleplay servers can edit the map to their own liking, or random mappers can steal stuff to make their maps better (Hey, it's a compliment to me really.)

Roleplay Specific Features
::Taris Upper City::

-Upper City Cantina
-Force Users Temple
-->Council Room
-->Duel and Training Room
-->Armory and Storage Room
-->Hangar Bay-->Meditation Room
-->Main Hall (And connecting Hallways)
-->Command Room (Can lock down the Temple)
-Taris Base & Capital Building
-->Medical Bay
-->Prison Block
-->Meeting Room
-->Command Room
-->Shooting Range
-->High Capacity Armory
-->Shield Generator Room
-->Galactic Senate Rotunda
-->Security Defense Screening

::Taris Lower City::

-Hangar Bay
--->Full Starship Interior (Rushed)
-Lower City Cantina
-->Duel Arena
-Lower City Bank
-Lower City Sewers
-->Rancor Pit
-->Sewer System

You'll have to play around a little to find everything. There are some buttons that set off alarms, some that lock doors, a wall or two that opens up for a quick escape. I didn't get to put in all the triggers I wanted to put in, but for roleplay it seemed sufficient

Place the Taris_RP.PK3 file into your "JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base" folder.

# www.map-craft.com - They helped me more than anyone
# Legacyrp.com - Whole reason I built the map, to rp there.
# =Tom=/ACiDuS - A few Textures. As a note, I did send Tom three e-mails from three different addresses but to no avail, I'll assume he left JKA. But thank you anyway, contact me back sometime.
# Darth Norman - Helped me find the Starfighter models
# =Some0ne= - Jedi Fighter and R2D2 md3 files
# Manquesa - Jedi Fighter model
# (KOTF Mod) - For whoever made the Nubian Model. They failed at shadering right, though... the ships IG appearance is all on me.
# Inryi Forge - KOTOR Map Objects, Cantina Map Objects. Thanks!
# Mars Marshall - Who else could build such an amazing Gunship model?
# Sith-J-Cull - Borrowed three or so amazing, artistically done textures from his Senate and Krettle map that he made himself. They're so good you'll see them almost instantly. I also have to thank SJC for e-mailing me and pointing me to the direction of some helpful people. Thanks.
# Tyrael64 - One of my testers who helped me clear some bugs.
# Holmes - Another Texture who helped clear bugs, and provided several key textures to help the map shine.
# Zephyr - Helped me stress test the map and lower some FPS, as well as helping test and find some bugs.
# Dragon - This guy practically built the map with me, he built textures, created a majority of the sounds, and helped with the overall design and feel of the map. Kudos.

Final Notes - BUGS - Info
To finish off this readme, I'll have to note the bugs. A lot of bugs may come up if you are using base JKA or ForceModIII, maybe even OJP, because I tested and built the map completely using JA+. It's no secret that the majority of roleplay servers use JA+ so I ended up building the map onto that mod. You'll find the lighting to be a lot darker if you run the map on other mods, I have no idea why.

Other Bugs to note:
# The Nubian Royal Cruiser has a low ceiling. My bad, I rushed it. You'll have the camera hitting the roof constantly.
# The Main Hall in the Jedi Temple is way too bright, and you can also see a lot of clipping glitches through the floors, walls, etc. Again, my bad. I'm too lazy to fix it all.
# There is a rock next to the Force Push rock that has a weird glowing symbol you might remember from T3_Rift; It's supposed to only glow when you use force sense however I never learned how to make a shader activate when a player uses force sense. Again, oops.
# Entering the Senate Building you'll notice the main door is flat - again, oops.
# There are points in time where a majority of the map is loaded at a single time resulting in lower FPS - The fault lies with bad mapping, mostly.

Other than that, there should not be any more bugs. I tested the map quite a few times to catch any glitches, z-fighting, or portal glitches. So, to end the wall of text, enjoy!


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