Capture the Flag


Title Version Author
[HR] City of the Dead (v2) Apocolypse
Abandoned City of Antalya Ion
Atomic Division Station I-13 Ion
Battlefront Yavin CTF Sith-J-Cull
Bespin Streets Ion
Bestine Praetorium Cuko
Bloodmine Shaft Wedge2211
Boonta Flag Hunt Sith-J-Cull
Coruscant Bridges acdcfanbill
Coruscant Streets II Cuko
CTF Antalus Rift Sith-J-Cull
CTF Dr. Zod
CTF Empires Zod
CTF Empires II Zod
CTF Korriban Lord Kaan
CTF Outcast Zod
CTF Tribute Cuko
CTF-PPDisabled II (Beta 2) Beta 2 Zod
Face Off Psyko
Fortress Alomatik
Fusion 2 Cuko
Ilum CTF Livingdeadjedi
Imperial Fighter Bays CTF Sentry Fodder
Krayt Canyon CTF Cuko
Maze Arena Livingdeadjedi
Nar Kreeta Lord Kaan
Negata-G (final) final FuL*CruM
Pirates CTF (Beta) Beta MageC
Sith-J's Mygeeto FFA/CTF Sith-J-Cull
Sorteam-V2 (SOR)Jedi Max(CM)
Space Dust CTF Jenova*Rebirth*
Tatooine Oasis CTF (1.0) 1.0 TK-962
The Sith Cathedral Ion
Two-Fort: Nar Shaddaa (Beta 1) Beta 1 The Crazy Assassin
Wabian Castle mknote
Wayland Darth T-Bone
Yavin Battle (v2.0) v2.0 Totlo
Yavin Treetops Rock
Yavin Valley Botroutes Lord G-Spot