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Not happening any time soon? Humbug! Sat 24 May 2014

I bought a PS3 after all, and I'm coding.

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Non-Update Sun 11 May 2014

Not much happened

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A MAZE 2014 Sun 13 April 2014

Hey everybody!

I really want to talk about the last couple of days, but first I'll talk about the week before, just for the record. It began with the finals of the DotaCinema Captain's Draft tournament in Dota 2, where teams had to play less common heroes, which ...

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It's jammed! Tue 01 April 2014

I went to a game jam and wrote a (de)serialization library.

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OpenJK for the win! Sat 15 March 2014

Small update on my exams: The remaining results are in and they did indeed go as smoothly as it seemed at the time. That's good.

But what about my Uni projects? I said I'd like to finish at least one of them in the past two weeks. In ...

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Exams: Done. Sat 01 March 2014

Exams are over. Now what's next?

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The Essentials Mon 17 February 2014

Why you can expect to see more of me in the future.

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Wait, e-books? Mon 25 November 2013

How I went to Utrecht and thoughts on my new Tablet.

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Review: SFML Game Development Sun 10 November 2013

I review SFML Game Development. Spoiler: I like it.

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University Summer Semester 2013 Tue 01 October 2013

So what happened in Uni last Semester, the 4th one? Nothing extraordinary, I still don't lag behind and pass my exams... mostly. In 3rd semester I even started hearing lectures before their designated semester since they fit my schedule and I had few exams. I continued doing so, resulting ...

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