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Website relaunch Fri 08 May 2015

Look at this glorious new website!

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On "GamerGate" and hateful people Sun 14 September 2014

I'm Anti-GamerGate. Also, can we all please be nice to each other?

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Extending the Scope Sat 05 July 2014

I just realized I should more often do things beyond just keeping a journal on this blog. My life isn't really interesting enough for that to be valuable to anybody, at least at the moment. Sure, when interesting things happen to me that may be worth writing about... But ...

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PlayStation 3 impressions & more Sun 22 June 2014

Another month has passed, which means I skipped one blog post. Oh.

So in the last post I talked about how I was writing a 2048 AI for a uni coding competition with Marcus. It did well enough, placing 4th out of 15 in the end. We placed 1st in ...

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Not happening any time soon? Humbug! Sat 24 May 2014

I bought a PS3 after all, and I'm coding.

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Non-Update Sun 11 May 2014

Not much happened

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A MAZE 2014 Sun 13 April 2014

Hey everybody!

I really want to talk about the last couple of days, but first I'll talk about the week before, just for the record. It began with the finals of the DotaCinema Captain's Draft tournament in Dota 2, where teams had to play less common heroes, which ...

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It's jammed! Tue 01 April 2014

I went to a game jam and wrote a (de)serialization library.

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OpenJK for the win! Sat 15 March 2014

Small update on my exams: The remaining results are in and they did indeed go as smoothly as it seemed at the time. That's good.

But what about my Uni projects? I said I'd like to finish at least one of them in the past two weeks. In ...

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Exams: Done. Sat 01 March 2014

Exams are over. Now what's next?

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