In lieu of catching up: October 2015 - July 2017

Sat 22 July 2017 in Mixed. Tags: Job, Dota 2, Travel. By mrwonko.

I think the plan was to write a blog post for every month since September 2015 retroactively. That's evidently not happening. I'll just be brutally honest with myself and admit that it's not a priority for me.

Still, here are the most important milestones: After I finished my Bachelor's degree in September 2015 I briefly freelanced for P&M Agentur, where I had previously had an internship, while looking for a permanent position. I eventually found one; in December I started at and have been there ever since. Web development was never my passion, but I'm good at it, I've grown quite attached to my project and I very much appreciate the company culture.

Fast forward to August 2016: I spent a two week vacation in Seattle. The primary reason was attending The International, which is essentially the Dota 2 World Championship. But I decided to spend another week there so I'd have some time to explore the city. I really enjoyed my time there, if you're ever in the area I highly recommend the Omakase at Shiro's Sushi, the Rodizio at the Grill from Ipanema and the Burlesque show at The Pink Door. (Yes, I like to splurge a little whilst on Vacation. You should treat yourself every now and then.) The Chihuly Garden and Glass and the EMP museum also left quite the impression, as did my visit at Valve. Not to mention The International itself, which was a blast, I met many lovely people.

I traveled outside the country two more times that year: In November I spent 3 nights in Paris while attending IndieCade Europe, which was my first visit to France and mostly taught me that the French speak very fast, and in December I went to London for 3 nights for the One Life Left & Friends Christmas Party because Kieron Gillen, my favorite Comic Author, was DJing. The highlight of the party was certainly Marioke, which is Karaoke except the lyrics are about games and the best. Plus they had good cider on tap. Besides that I distinctly remember the Cahoots, a bar styled like a Victorian tube station that was recommended to me by a Londoner I met in Paris, and Quaglino's, probably the fanciest restaurant I've been to so far, which I spontaneously visited because I was in the mood for some live music.

London is also where I saw Rogue One on opening night. Oh, that's right, two Star Wars movies have come out since my last entry! I grew up in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so I'm loving this renaissance. Meanwhile Kieron Gillen is writing Star Wars comics and a promising second Star Wars Battlefront 2 is on the horizon. Exciting!

By the way, the reason I could afford to travel so much was that I still lived with my parents. That changed in February 2017, when I moved into a coworker's former apartment as he moved in with his girlfriend. I took that opportunity to also adjust my diet (decidedly lower-carb than before) and start working out (bodyweight exercises in the morning) and have lost almost 10kg since, which had accumulated after I stopped riding the bike to Uni.

So, those are the things from the last two years that immediately come to mind. Now that we're all caught up I can start writing about recent developments, but not in this entry.


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