I support paid mods.

Thu 14 May 2015 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Modding. By mrwonko.

Valve recently introduced paid mods, which started a bit of a shit storm and they were quickly rolled back. Since I was in the middle of my relaunch I haven't posted my opinion on this yet.

But others have already said what I think, so let me just quote. Garry Newman wrote a blog post outlining his thoughts, which I agree with. George Broussard summed the negative reaction up nicely:

Critics of paid mods seem to hide behind “the % was unfair” but the reality is “we want our free stuff free forever”. Sorry mod makers.

— George Broussard (@georgeb3dr) April 28, 2015

While Garry used somewhat stronger words:

Valve broke the modding community... by revealing that most of them are cunts.

— Garry Newman (@garrynewman) April 24, 2015

So my opinion in short:

And the super short version: I support paid mods.


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